Paralegal Post-Baccalaureate

Certificate Number: 19-110-2

Paralegals work under the supervision of lawyers in a range of tasks—researching the law; investigating; preparing for hearings, trials, and real estate closings; interviewing clients and witnesses; and preparing legal documents and other legal correspondence. Paralegals cannot give legal advice or represent clients in court. If you are detail oriented, organized, strong in communication, and enjoy researching and analyzing facts, you might find a career as a paralegal very rewarding. The Paralegal Post-baccalaureate Certificate is appropriate for those persons who already have earned a bachelor’s degree.


  • Certificate is approved by the American Bar Association.
  • Classes are taught by Wisconsin attorneys and paralegals teaching Wisconsin law.
  • Credits may be transferable; consult with a counselor regarding specific courses and institutions.

Paralegal Post Baccalaureate
Program No: 191102

10110101Introduction to Paralegalism and Legal Ethics3.00
10110105Legal Writing3.00
10110102Civil Litigation I3.00
10110104Legal Research3.00
RequiredElectives (legal specialty)9 credits
 Total21 Credits
Students must choose three of the following legal specialty courses for their electives:
10110103Civil Litigation II3.00
10110106Family Law3.00
10110107Legal Aspects of Business Organizations3.00
10110114Administration of Estates3.00
10110168Criminal Law- Paralegal3.00
10110160Employment Law3.00
10110130Real Estate Law- Paralegal3.00
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