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Gainful Employment Information for Medical Transcription

Classification of Instructional Program Code (CIP): 51.0708
Department of Labor Standard Occupational Code(s) (SOC): 31-9094
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Cost of Program

Tuition and Fees: $4320
Books and supplies: $1220
(Numbers are estimated, actual costs may vary)

Length of Program

Intended time to complete: N/A
% of graduates who completed on time: N/A


Jobs related to this program
Job Placement: N/A


% of completers with loan debt: 100%
Median debt from federal loans: N/A
Median debt from private educational loans: N/A
Average debt from federal loans: N/A

Additional Notes about this program

Because this program had fewer than 10 graduates, for privacy reasons we cannot disclose median loan debt or on-time completion rate.